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Handmade Tailored Suits - Ogden, UT

One of the best ways to look sharp and feel your best is with a handmade tailored suit. When you want to amp up your style in Ogden, UT, you can look to Smith Bespoke. Smith Bespoke provides high-quality custom made tailored suits all along the Wasatch Front that are specifically tailored to your body. A custom suit that’s designed just for you will flatter your unique characteristics. Nothing beats it! Whether you need a custom tailored suit for a wedding, for your job or you simply want to look sharp and at your best, you can count on our expertise to deliver an exceptionally well-made garment. This will be the best suit you put on.

Superior Quality, Excellent Fitting Custom Suits

With Smith Bespoke, our services are easy and convenient— we come to your location in Ogden, UT. We can take your measurements at home or in the office. One of the many things we enjoy when we take your measurements is getting to know you. Having a conversation and asking questions about your wardrobe is another important part of the process. We strive to give you the finest services and the best product, and this begins with our consultation.

When we have the consultation, we will take your measurements, which is one of the most important steps in the process. In order to make your custom tailored suit fit perfectly, we will take 38-plus measurements while taking your fit preferences into consideration. We know everyone has certain specifications when it comes to fit. Some like to have a little more room to move around, and others like a slim profile. Whatever it is, we want to make sure we deliver a product you’ll love.

Once the measurements are completed, we’ll build your profile and our expert tailors will start the process. This involves drawing out the patterns by hand. This is how we make all of our handmade tailored suits, no matter which “make” you choose from us. We take all of your measurements into consideration to ensure you have that perfect fit. Fit is key! The garment needs to compliment your body. When the patterns are drawn up, the construction of the suit begins.

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for us to finish your handmade tailored suit. Once it’s completed, we will get in touch with you and schedule your first fitting. During the first fitting, you will put on the suit and inspect it. This gives us the opportunity to fine tune the garment if it needs it. If it doesn’t, then your suit is ready to go.

If you do need some fine-tuning, we will record the measurements and put them into your profile. Then we’ll make the new adjustments. You’ll get your suit within a week. We expect nothing but perfection from ourselves. Quality is what Smith Bespoke is all about. That’s why we source all of our fabrics from the finest mills in England and Italy.

If you’re in Ogden, UT, and are in need of a handmade tailored suit, then schedule a fitting with us today.