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Men’s Custom Tailored Suits - Sandy, UT

Do you want to look sharp and feel your best in Sandy, UT? Getting a custom-made tailored suit can do just that. Smith Bespoke provides the finest custom suits in the Wasatch Front that are specifically tailored to you. This means your suit will fit your body just right and flatter your characteristics. There’s nothing like it! No matter the occasion, whether it’s for work, a wedding or you just want to look your best, you can count on us for the best services when we measure you for a handmade tailored suit. Smith Bespoke can provide you with the best fitting suit you’ll put on.

Smith Bespoke’s Expertise for Handmade Tailored Suits

Smith Bespoke’s services for our handmade tailored suits are easy and convenient for you. Whether you’re at home in Sandy, UT, or at the office, we come to you to take your measurements. One of the things we look forward to when providing our services is getting to know you. We like to have a consultation and ask questions about your wardrobe and what you might want in the future for your style. Our primary mission is to give you the best product with the finest services, and this begins with our consultation.

Quality is a guarantee here at Smith Bespoke. That’s why we source all our custom suit fabrics from the top mills in Italy and England. During our consultation with you, the most fundamental part of it is taking your measurements. To make your suit fit perfectly, we take 38-plus measurements. Furthermore, we’ll ask you about your fits preferences. Some like to have room to move around in while others prefer a slim silhouette. Whatever your preference, we want to make sure your handmade tailored suit fits to your liking and meets your specifications.

When the consultation is finished and your measurements are taken, our tailors will begin the work and draft the patterns by hand. This is our process for each and every suit we produce, no matter which “make” you select from us. When the pattern is drawn up, our experts will begin the construction of your perfect suit. It’s important that we take every aspect of your body into consideration because the fit is key— it needs to fits perfectly to your body.

From the consultation, it takes about 4-6 weeks for our experienced tailors to finish your custom handmade suit, and when it’s completed, we will contact you to schedule your first fitting. The first fitting is a crucial step because it allows us to fine-tune your suit if needs be. If you don’t need any adjustments, then your suit is ready to be worn.

Usually, no adjustments need to be made, but if they do, we will make sure they are recorded in your pattern. This can make future orders easy and convenient.

After the adjustments from the first fitting are completed, your suit will be delivered to you within a week. We expect nothing but perfection from ourselves and you should too. Quality suits and customer satisfaction is all that matters for Smith Bespoke, and we want to give you the best experience when you select a custom handmade suit from us.

If you’re in Sandy, UT, and are looking for an exceptional custom handmade suit made from high-quality fabrics, then schedule a fitting with us today!