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Start The Bespoke Process Here

If you want to be fit in person, check out our In-Person scheduling Here!
Virtual Bespoke is the new standard. With our methods, we can fit anyone, anywhere in the world and achieve a fit unlike any other.

In order to shop with us online, we require an initial toile fitting to be done so that your fit can be honed in exactly the way you (and we) want.
We get it, the bespoke process can be intimidating - especially online! With our years of experience, and this basted fit sample, we are prepared to help you find your perfect style and fit. 
The order process is simple:
  • follow the dropdowns below to input your unique fit requirements. 
  • Submit 4 posture pictures (so we can see your build and body type)
  • place the order!
Your unique fit sample will ship to you in a few weeks, and using this we can hone in your unique build and make any of your choices just the way you want them.
Creating your fit sample has a flat $150 cost, and when you're ready to place your first order of custom clothing we apply that $150 to that purchase. 
Start your Smith Bespoke journey: